Alternative Jobs – Piano Teaching


If you are an expert piano player, this can become a way to make an extra income during the weekends. Just by working half a day on the weekends in a neighborhood where there are financial possibilities, you can increase your winnings with about $900 to $1000 per month. Imagine if you work an entire day on weekends; you may earn up to $2000 per month.
Piano Teacher
Teaching piano lessons during the week, from Monday to Friday, only 4 hours a day, it is possible to earn as much as $5,500 a month. Of course you have to be an experienced piano player, but these winnings are incredible. If you become a piano teacher and you start working normal hours from 9 to 5, just think about how much you can earn per month.
Working in the office might not be for you so you could turn your house into a studio for teaching piano lessons. Start by teaching only on the weekends with 4-5 students a day. Usually a piano lesson lasts about 30 minutes and as I said about the decent neighborhood, you could charge around $30 per lesson.
As any other business, you can try and make some flyers to let people know about what you are offering. Distribute them in local schools, high schools, in your neighborhood and around town; also you might consider advertising in the local newspaper.
Piano Teaching
You can make some offers for your first few students, something like offering them a free lesson every 5 they pay, or for every friend they bring in. If you see that the piano lessons are a success, you should consider working full time. For this you need to make a somewhat professional studio in one of your house rooms, thus showing the future students you are serious and dedicated.
By working in a studio will also give a sense of privacy and an environment in which the students can focus on learning their notes and chords, even if in the other part of your house, your children are playing. If you have the option of choosing where to create your studio, make sure it is as far away as possible from your children’s bedroom.
After a while you may find yourself having more than 12 students a day, and your house studio isn’t big enough. This is why we suggest renting an office space in town where you can open a small music school; this will also bring in even more students allowing you to expand by hiring other piano teachers and why not, other instructors that are specialized on different musical instruments.

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