Best Photo Contest WordPress Plugins 2019


If you have a photo-related website and want to organize contents and competitions for images, you should use some of the great plugins intended for the purpose. Today, the biggest number of websites is made in WordPress, and it is currently the most popular framework out there. That is why this article is going to present the best photo contest WordPress plugins for those types of sites. Many webmasters operate within the framework, and they have to know more about those great plugins.

Best Photo Contest WordPress Plugin by GalleryPlugins

The first place on this list definitely takes a plugin from Envato Market that can be reached through this link: This item is high-quality software that will enable you to create image contests in real time easily. It is regarded as the best photo contest WordPress plugin on the market.

Envato is a popular marketplace that offers top-notch themes, scripts, codes, and plugins. It has very strict admission rules and requirements. Only the best photo contest WordPress plugin might find a place there. The marketplace has several approval steps, and each item is thoroughly checked before getting to the selling list. If there is even the smallest error within the code or design, the product will be rejected by the Envato team.

However, Photo Contest WordPress Plugin by GalleryPlugins works flawlessly well and has some great features. If you choose to purchase it, you will get lifetime free updates, which means the plugin will stay up to date in the long run too. With it, you can organize unlimited contest and competitions at the same time. It has a support for different languages, and nine layers of protection.

There are also a powerful admin interface and full voter control system. Its design is 100% responsive and will look great an all types of devices. The plugin is simple and easy to use, even a basic internet user will have no problem to manage it. You can also find helpful widgets and other interesting features. The plugin is compatible with PHP 7 and SSL too. If you have visited Envato Market before, you should know it is possible to check and try all themes, scripts, and plugins in a real time on the website.

Best Photo Contest WordPress Plugin

This item is previously tested with sixty premium and free WordPress themes while checking its compatibility, and it fits perfectly well to every single one of them. The developers also offer great customer support, and you can find many positive reviews on the plugin. It is quite popular and clients purchase it often. This plugin sends email notifications to each competitor. When a new contestant uploads an image, they will get a notification on the status. They will know if it is approved or rejected by an admin.

This software is also fully compatible with a majority of other WordPress plugins, and they will work perfectly fine combined. The price is only $25 for this great item with all of those amazing features. It is nothing in comparison with the benefits it offers, so if you plan to organize image competition on your website, you should consider this software. The best photo contest WordPress plugin should not be avoided.

Contest Gallery – Photo Contest Plugin for WordPress

Contest Gallery – Photo Contest Plugin for WordPress takes the second place on this list. It is also a high-quality item that can be downloaded from the official WordPress website. This plugin has the versions. The first one is freely available and anyone can use it free of charge. The second one is an advanced, premium version with better features and stronger capabilities.

The free version has some limitations when it comes to image uploading and competitor registrations. The premium version offers unlimited registrations and uploads. Its price is $39, but you will get a fully professional plugin that can be used by numerous contestants on your website. The plugin also supports various languages including English, German, Spain, Chinese and Russian among others.

There are also other features and voting options. The plugin allows four types of email notifications. The users are informed after registration, they will get a confirmation email after photo upload and image activation. Also, they will be notified when a new picture is uploaded.

The plugin also has registration and login form, facebook like button, and IP recognition feature. The webmaster can allow comments, for example. This plugin has a feature for that purpose. There are also adjustable view options, and they can be changed in accordance with the user’s wishes, desires, and needs. For instance, you can have a gallery view, photos in a slider, or picture on a single page. But you can find many other great features and options, and this plugin is definitely a great product. Visit website

WP Foto Vote

WP Foto Vote is also an excellent WordPress photo contest plugin with nice features. Developer invested a lot of time while creating this software, and they succeed to make a quality product. This plugin is limitless, and you can run multiple competitions with numerous images and contestants at the same time. It is all up to you and your settings. This item has a protection feature against cheating.

You can set-up IP and cookies checking or reCapthch bot blocking, for example. They exist to allow you a maximal protection against spamming and scamming. It is not the best photo contest WordPress plugin out there, but it has nice capabilities and serves well for the purpose. Click here to get wp foto vote


Showdown is yet another WordPress photo contest plugin on this list, but it has lower capabilities than the plugins above, and you should be cautious if you choose to use it. This software is available on the official WordPress website, and you can download it from there. However, the last update was three years ago, and the plugin is maybe outdated. The compatibility with new themes and other plugins is also debatable so potential users should pay attention to that.

Tribulant Gallery Voting

Tribulant Gallery Voting is the last plugin on the list, and it has had some nice features. However, it was updated last time four years ago, and it is not probably functional anymore. It is still available on the WordPress website, and you can check it there. This plugin is compatible with some older WordPress versions, but the security is definitely an issue.  The design of this item is also outdated and poor, comparing the newest models. The recommendation is to avoid it.

Best Photo Contest Wordpress Plugin 2019
If you have a photo-related website and want to organize contents and competitions for images, you should use some of the great plugins intended for the pu
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