Blur Remedies For Levitation Shots


Levitation shots are a photographer favorite. However, the biggest problem encountered by this trick photography is the high likelihood of motion blur. It is frustrating in most cases, when the subject of the levitation photo has already achieved the height desired but the rest of the image develops to be blurred and unappealing. The trick is to try removing signs of how such effect is produced. Blurred portions specially found on body parts like limbs is a problem but one can edit his way out by confusing the viewer. Most photographers would increase the sharpness of the image in levitation photos. But there are other tips on how to prevent snapping blurry levitation photos.
Levitation shots
Usually, the cause for photo blurs is camera or subject motion. This is significant to levitation photos because such is usually produced by letting the subject jump and jumping would necessitate a lot of motion for such a short time frame. In addition to motion, the fact of holding the camera by the hand who increase the likelihood to blurring the photo because of the involuntary movement of the camera itself. Not to mention if one will be using telephoto lenses, zooming in would even add to the blurring issue.
It is recommended to take extra caution when taking levitation photos indoor or in low light atmospheres because such requires slower shutter speed. Slower shutter speed usually results in more tendencies of blurring. This is contrary to the fact that when movements are small and in high shutter speeds the camera or subject does not have the chance to move much to cause blurring. Thus, when the shutter speed of the camera is low, even the most minute of movement could even lead to blurring.
Levitation shots
As previously stated, another reason for photo blurring is camera being hand-held. The hand being an unstable platform, may have some unnecessary movements that can deprive the photo shoot of stability and eventually cause blurring. Try to stretch the hand holding the camera fully and leave it as it is for a few minutes and one will see the reasons as to why blurring is a tendency. Also, the fact that cameras nowadays have become more compact and smaller, it becomes even more difficult to keep it stable with Trick Photography and Special Effects Review. The tip here is to find a firm grip or find a solid support for the camera like a tripod for example.
Using a tripod will prove to be advantageous for a photographer who likes to snap trick shots especially levitation shots. This will eliminate the factor of shaky hand-holding of the camera. Also it is a well-settled belief that despite having the steadiest of hands, one cannot really eliminate the chances of camera shakes in taking levitation shots in low lighting conditions. This is because photos that are captured in slow shutter speed or even those in high zoom values needs stable platforms. These stable platforms can be a table or chair or most preferably a tripod. Tripods are available in different weights and sizes.

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