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Here’s another reason why many are trying to learn more about the beat-making program – it supposedly comes with dozens of fascinating features. To learn the truth about BTV Solo, just read on.
There’s no denying that millions want to make their own tunes, and that’s why many people throughout the world are trying to find a BTV Solo review.
Why are they looking for insights about that music-creation solution? Well, for one, the software’s inexpensive (it only costs $40). Here’s another reason why many are trying to learn more about the beat-making program – it supposedly comes with dozens of fascinating features. To learn the truth about BTV Solo, just read on.
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BTV Solo review – Looking at the Features

Being among those really interested in the software (but don’t have the time to look for a good, honest BTV Solo review), one thing became clear – it’s necessary to learn more about the music-creation solution firsthand. So, with any info-seeking (and product-testing) endeavor, it’s important to first look at the key features. Here are the most interesting ones:

  • A complete digital replacement to various music-making equipment
  • Bundled with more than a hundred royalty-free tracks
  • Has dozens of powerful sample-editing tools

The Question on Function
Here’s a question that’s in most people’s minds right now: how exactly does the software work? Well, after testing it (not just for this BTV Solo reviews), one thing became obvious enough – it’s not that different from other all-in-one music-making programs. That means that using it is as simple as clicking on a few on-screen buttons and moving several digital knobs and sliders. Anyone who has used pricey music-making solutions (such as FL Studio) would surely be able to use BTV Solo effortlessly.
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Talking about the Makers

It’s now time to answer a very important question – who came up with the beat-making program? As some would’ve expected, a team of enthusiasts and experts (in producing music, of course) made the software. In particular, BKE’s finest (makers of the cutting-edge tune-creation hardware, the Beat Thang) developed the budget-friendly application. Since the tune-making solution wasn’t merely made by a newcomer in the music-technology industry, then quality shouldn’t be problem, right?

BTV Solo review – On Must Know Advantages

Here’s the part of this review that many end up reading right away – the pros-and-cons portion. So, what’s the first advantage of using the software? Truth be told, it really makes the entire beat-making process hassle-free. To be a bit more specific, the program’s simple, easy-to-use interface gives those who are just beginning to learn how mix tracks and effects a chance to dodge the confusion that’s usually associated with first-time use.
In addition to being novice friendly, the beat-making program is incredibly fast (even on slow PCs). Well, that doesn’t merely mean that the software loads quickly (actually, it loads in less than half a minute). To put it simply, every button and function (especially those involved with track swapping) reacts quickly. In that sense, coming up with excellent music wouldn’t have to be an experience that’s marred by infuriatingly long wait times.
From a personal point of view, BTV Solo would only be able to claim the title of “music-creation software king” if it’s bundled with top-notch customer-support services. So, does it have those? The answer is yes. In fact, BKE doesn’t just let its clients ask questions through either phone or email, but the company also maintains a discussion board that lets experienced music-making enthusiasts guide their less-knowledgeable counterparts.

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The One and Only Downside

This BTV Solo review wouldn’t satisfy info-seekers if it didn’t contain details on the software’s one downside – the lack of a search bar. What does that mean? Since it wouldn’t be possible to key in the name of a track to access it, those working on hundreds of different samples might end up wasting a bit of time if they can’t recall file names that well. Likewise, people who rely on numerous add-ons should be willing to memorize the names of plug-ins if they’re planning to go the BTV-Solo route.
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BTV Solo review – Making a Sensible Suggestion

It’s clear that BKE’s inexpensive beat-making solution isn’t perfect. After all, it does have a flaw that might make it an inefficient choice for some. It’s true, though that most artists and producers wouldn’t be disappointed with what the program has to offer. They’d surely say that the program’s pros completely eclipse its sole downside. All in all, it’s best to end this BTV Solo review with this suggestion – novices and experts alike shouldn’t hesitate to invest in the software, or at least try it firsthand.
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