Can Your Diet Actually Kill You?


I have to admit that I am not in the habit of writing such chilling headlines just to catch one’s attention, which is the reason why I have to provide a recount of what happened to me that prompts me to write this article.
This might have happened to someone else or you might have heard of it somewhere which makes this old news.What I want to point out actually is how many of us do take it seriously. How many of us actually take good care of our health.I have been living in the UK specifically in Central Scotland, which as statistics reports has the highest mortality rates. In fact the number one cause of death are heart problems, obesity and stroke which lead me into thinking what contributes to these causes.
diet kill you food
There are of course several reasons why these causes comes up and I cannot verify the fact that it has something to do with what one is eating as I am not a medical expert nor do I practice it. However, I have decided to make an extensive research about the causes or factors and I have found the common cause, which is – diet.
If you live in Scotland or have a Scottish friend, then you know how we love fried foods especially deep friend ones such as fish & chips. We also love our alcohol beverages as well as our takeout meals and pies. Do not blame us, as we all know that one has their favorite food, so I guess you understand where I am heading.I must give my recommendations to our health authorities as there has been an extensive campaign being set out to combat these problems. I have seen various TV and radio ads as well as billboards campaigning for a healthier lifestyle.
One billboard campaign that certainly stands out is an image of a human heart being gripped by two hands, which to me is what one experiences when one eats a lot of the wrong kind of food. The campaign ad certainly made an impact and I think that others feel the same way as I do.
This campaign made me think of writing this article as I said before, this is nothing new, however, I want to make a point in that life is something that is precious and should not be wasted. We will never be young again and as such, it is important that we made sure that we are healthy to prolong our life.
With that said, it is important to consider the following:
Cut down the fats as well as the carbs. Take it easy.
low carb food
We have heard of how fats and carbs can wreak havoc in our diet and many weight loss diet deals with this fact. However, with so many confusions and wrong info out there, it is easy to be lost ourselves as well. According to health experts though, it is important to cut down on not all fats but junk fats as they call it.
Many fats are actually good for one’s health and many dieters do not need to follow low fat diet. What health experts want us to eliminate are the fats that one gets from all the processed food that we consumed. Processed food contains hydrogenated fats and polyunsaturated oils which when cools down in the body can clog the arteries.
Carbohydrates are also essential in our health. Having said that, it is important to get the carbs from healthy sources and eliminate those foods that are junk carbs that contains huge amount of sugar and are unhealthy.  Fruit juices in carton packs are processed contains no fiber and are high in sugar as well. It is best to eat fresh fruits rather than fruit juices as the body can benefit from the fiber as well as obtain the vitamins and other nutrients that the body needs.
Last but not the least; one should cut down on all the junk calories. This is important as by eliminating all the junk calories, one would only have to concentrate in eating natural food that do not require one to undergo a low calorie diet. Low calorie diets can be detrimental as calories are needed because the body coverts calories into energy that the body use in the person’s daily activities. By eating fresh fruits and vegetables, one can easily eat lower calories and get to lose weight safely and effectively.

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