Carbs Can Make You Lose Weight Fast


Do you know that carbohydrates are the most important food group that you should eat?
Well, that certainly wakes you up right? After all, that question seems to go against everything that diet gurus recommend.If you do not believe me, then do consider trying out this little test.Think about carbs.
If you were, an average Joe then what comes to your mind would probably be breads, fries, pasta, sugar, yes, and other such food comes to your mind. After all, they are definitely carbs. However, they are highly processed and refined types of carbohydrates.
Carbs weight loss
Moreover, these are definitely the carb types that Americans mostly consumed every day of their lives. With that said, if you are not keen on physical activities, then mostly, you are overweight or about to head that way in the future.
These food type may be identified as comfort food and cannot be that bad since they are predominantly in our society today, however, the thing is, human beings are not well evolve to be able to metabolize these carbs. In fact, these carbs causes health problems and contributes to the rapid decline of the person’s health. Studies also revealed how these food types can be contributor to health problems such as cancer, dementia, diabetes and other heart ailments.
The truth is that they are the worst food that you could ever eat. They have high calorie count and low nutritional value. These food types deprive the individual of the important nutrients that their body need. Breaking down these complex carbs also adds stress to the digestive system as well. They are also, what one would call “empty calories” because they provide no nutritional value.
Consuming them in large quantity is a recipe for disaster, as it would contribute to one gaining weight. That is not the end of it. As most people do not realize is that there are different carbohydrates out there. In addition, this carbs can contribute something good to the person if one chooses wisely.
There are natural carbs that one can eat and in fact, these carb types have almost all the nutrition that the body needs. Thanks to the advancement in technology, there are new plants being discovered that contains phytonutrients that can be beneficial to human beings.This gives one the option of choosing a healthier lifestyle through the phytonutrients or chooses the other side where one would consume processed food.
The genetic make-up of human beings goes back to thousands of years ago when the ancestor of humans forage for food such as berries, mushrooms, root crops and grasses which contains phytonutrients that the foragers would consume.
It was not a long time ago that I find myself in the wild region of Alaska. There, I learned to forage for food. I have discovered different edible berries such as raspberries, blueberries, bog cranberries and nagoonberries, which to my delight are not only rich in phytonutrients but are lower in sugar as well. They are also yummier and the taste is richer than other berries commercially sold in the market.
For those who are interested in trying out or sourcing out phytonutrients, do remember that the darker the color of the fruit, the higher the amount of phytonutrients on them.
There are different benefits of the fruits and choosing which one can help one to not only prevent health problems but as well as lose weight.

Want to learn more about phytonutrients?
Aside from berries, other foods that is rich in phytonutrients as well. These include soy food, flax seeds, green tea, cocoa, broccoli, rosemary and even red wine. They contain several components that are powerful and contribute greatly to one’s health. Red wine for example contains restorative, soy food, on the other hand, contains flavorless.
Carbs to weight loss
Now for those who are interested to learn more about the secret to natural weight loss then one should check out the Ultra Metabolism, which is a weight loss program that we have developed. With this, one would be able to fight obesity as well as other diseases.
Before partaking of that delicious and yummy dinner roll, do remember that phytonutrients are only available from foods that are unrefined or unprocessed such as oats, vegetables and fruits. Processed food such as pasta and bread has no phytonutrients at all.
For those who are interested to learn more about phytonutrients, below one would identify the food that increases the metabolism and prevent consuming the food that are processed.The first thing that you ought to remember is that all the food that goes through a machine such as chips or sausages contained preservatives and are processed. Those that come from the earth directly are fresh and natural such as apples, lettuce, mango or even plum.
It is important that one should not be overwhelmed with the industry jargon or lingo. If you are not familiar with the high fat/low fat, high carb/low carb and others, you can talk with a nutritionist or a dietitian to help you with your diet. If you are confused, then keep this in mind – eat foods that are unprocessed meaning that they are fresh. You can also try out fresh veggies, as freshly harvested veggies are sweeter and yummier.
Today, thanks to the advancement of technology, the wisdom of our ancestors is revealed finally and has been confirmed by researchers. Thanks to them, it is revealed that fresh produces makes all the difference in losing weight.

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