Commonly Mistakes When Winning Ex Boyfriends Back


Girls, let’s admit it. You make the same mistakes over and over when winning an ex boyfriend back. I’ll remind you of these mistakes.
1) Calling him again and again
Such a mistake is classic. Most probably, you want your ex boyfriend to talk to you again, so you bombard him with consistent calls, texts and emails. You constantly check your phone and you always panic when you get no reply from him. Stop! You will never win him back with this tactic. You are only making yourself desperate. Don’t be. Just give him space. If he tells you to leave him alone, then by all means, leave him alone. He doesn’t want to be disturbed (by you), so give him his peace of mind for a while.
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2) Over-apologizing and unnecessarily declaring your love for him
Most women, after making a mistake, tend to plead and beg for forgiveness. Spontaneously, she confesses her love for him that might only irritate the ex boyfriend more. This usually doesn’t work since your ex boyfriend is emotionally detached from you and your relationship. You might get emotional, but this too won’t work more so because he thinks that your apology is too late.
3) Acting out because of jealousy, anger and pain
While he is being emotionally detached, you are emotionally wrecked and uncontrollable. You have already done or said something that you don’t usually do such as calling him names, lashing out at him, guilt tripping and threatening him, all of which are considered as emotional outbursts. Yes, understandably, your feeling hurtful, but these things might further hurt him and damage the relationship permanently. This is more so if you keep doing these things. Apologize to him and stop acting out. That’s the best that you can do by now.
If you are one of those who’ve committed these mistakes, here’s what you should do.
Surely, there is still hope. First, stop communicating with him. You have to wait until he initiates communication again. Such no contact rule is very effective, but you have to stick to it. Also, there are many benefits to adhering to this simple rule.
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For one, you are actually giving him the time and space that he needs to overcome the pain that you or the break up has caused him. On the contrary, you are also giving yourself the time and space to get over everything in your pace. Any breakup is painful for both parties. Since your emotions are high, you may also prevent making more mistakes that’ll only embarrass you and him in the end in
Further, in not contacting him, you are making him miss you more by the day. He might have the impression that you are actually moving on with your life by now. He will contact you to know where your relationship is headed; if there is still hope for the two of you to get back together.
On the other end, there are also drawbacks of such a rule. Simply, you will constantly worry about a lot of things.
1st Worry: Had he already forgotten about me
Probably not! He loved you and he might still be. Also, it is very difficult to forget someone special to you.
2nd Worry: Had he already moved on
If by moving on you mean that he had already healed from all the pain because of you breakup, then he had already moved on. However, this moving on is positive. Just let him heal and then, make him remember all the right reasons why he felt in love with who you really are in the first place. Be reminded that women are better than moving on than men. So, you mustn’t worry about this.
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3rd Worry: Had he already found someone else
Probably, but not so. This would only be temporary. Thereby, this will not be really harmless to the relationship. Your relationship with him will be 99% hopeful.
4th Worry: Why is not he contacting me yet?
He will. In no time. More so when he remembers how special you are and how much he misses you. There might be instances that he will contact you for a stupid and an irrelevant reason. That’s his pride working for him!

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