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Some of the Critical Bench review articles you will come across online mention the huge selection of exercise DVDs that promise to give you the results that you want in no time (as long as you follow the exercises being featured, of course).  It can be confusing and frustrating because you don’t know if a particular exercise routine is the right one for you.  Lucky for you, there is this program that may be just what you’re looking for. It has been around for ten years and it is the focus of this review.

Critical Bench ReviewCritical Bench Review

Why It’s The Big Thing Nowadays
The program includes a workout plan that you can use as you bench press.  It contains the valuable information that you have been missing out on for the past couple of years.  It will help you transform yourself from being a lanky punching bag to a mighty mass of muscle in about 10 weeks.
Mike Westerdal who hails from Clearwater, Florida, has been a commercial power lifter since the late 90s.  He is a known expert when it comes to the bench press.

Critical Bench review – The Pressing Features

  • This program comes with manuals and DVDs to help you create the routine that’s just right for you.
  • Critical Bench Program 2.0It is the bible of your program.  It contains explanations about the theory behind the program.
  • It also includes a compilation of all the essentials that you should religiously follow to complete your workout plan.
  • It has a description of the exercise that you should perform and the measurements of your progress so you can keep track of your improvements.
  • This is your motivation packet to keep your strength ahead of those of your peers.
    Customized Training Logs (100-500lbs)It is a compilation of 80 workout charts with five-pound increments that lets you log your training and monitor your progress.
  • It is customized for a 10-week program that provides you the precise numbers that you should strike for the duration of the program.
  • Bench Press Fundamentals Online DVDOf course, this training program would not be holistic if it will not teach you the basics of proper training.
  • In the DVDs, you will learn the correct way of bench pressing to help you achieve your goal of packing on lean mass and strength.

You will surely have a great time while watching the fundamentals of the bench press as presented by Mike Westerdal, Clint Smith from Team Samson (a Pro Level Power lifter), and AJ Roberts of Westside Barbell Club (World Record Contender).
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The Power Program

You can be sure that you are not being swamped with empty promises because the program is sure to keep you fit, give you strength and power, and make you the envy of your friends.
In this program, you will not only learn the basics of bench pressing but you will also get the benefits of strength training.  From the medical standpoint, it is very healthy because as you progress in your training, you will notice that your body will slowly adapt and make the necessary changes physiologically.  Once that your body adapts, you will have better endurance, improved strength, and enhanced power that will enable you to lift more pounds.  When you are able to gradually increase the pounds, you can be sure that your muscles become leaner and stronger.
At the conclusion of a 10-week program, here is what the writer of this review found out:


The program is developed and supported by experts who only want the best for those who would avail of the program.
You never have to pay for a personal trainer every single time that you go to the gym.  That’s about $70 to $100 in savings.
In fact, you don’t have to go to the gym at all.  If you have a bench, weights, and some barbells, you are good to go.


You don’t receive actual manuals.  You only get e-manuals that you can download as you buy.  It would be impractical to print the manuals and carry them around with you.
They have a special anniversary sale that includes huge discounts and freebies, but it may already be over and all included items will revert to their original selling price by the time you read this Critical Bench review.
Critical Bench Review

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Critical Bench review – Conclusion

To conclude this review, it is only fair to mention that gaining important information about the proper way of bench pressing will allow you to gain a few pounds, lots of muscles, loads of strength and power, and eventually higher levels of confidence.  What are you waiting for?  Hopefully, this Critical Bench review has convinced you to avail of this rare of opportunity and change your life for good.
Critical Bench Review

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