Diet Not Working – Read The Facts First


A single mom has been struggling with her weights for a few weeks now, avoiding sweets and doing portion control. She even hits the gym and does intense workouts; however, at the end of the week, she has not even lost a single pound. The question of “why” looms largely in her mind and makes her feel depressed and frustrated.
Diet Not Working
This scenario is common among dieters around the world and many are question why as they have follow the steps as carefully as they can and yet not lost even a pound. They are frustrated and feel that they are in a ruthless cycle and cannot free themselves from this cycle and they end up more frustrated than ever. Some resulted to binge eating and ends up with more pounds than when they started before.
Why Diets Might Not Work On You
One of the biggest problems with diets is the standardization of the portion of the food being given to dieters without any reconsideration to the person’s metabolism and health. These diets might work in a large population however in some instances; some dieters might require a more customized diet with their weight loss program. This is where consulting a dietitian helps one with their weight loss goal. With the advent of technology and the internet, communication is faster and thus weight watchers can consult their dietitian any time of the day. There are also dietitians who can also act as one’s personal coach and help them with their diet goals.
Another is that the diet might work but with no support, it might not be as effective as it can be with one. There are many instances wherein one’s family member can eat almost anything they want without gaining a pound as such, they may fill the stockroom with junk-food or processed food which can lead to one being tempted to eat them as well.  Some individuals also turn to food because they have no one to turn to talk with their problem. Some weight watchers look for other solutions to this problem including availing the services of a psychotherapist to help them solve their health problem. This is important as many individuals who have weight issues turns out to have serious health problem such as anorexia or bulimia. These health problems can be deadly and some even dies of the mentioned problem. The alarming rate of the problem causes the US government to launched treatment programs to combat these weight problems.
lifestyle change
Another reason why diets end up as failure is the fact that one is not conscious of hidden calories on the food that they eat. Many food that are labelled as low fat may actually contain more calories than one that is not. A Frappuccino has a whopping 600 calories not to mention the fact that adding sugar or cream can add up to the calories as well. One way to solve this problem is by eliminating the different coffee variety and just sticks to the basic; if one is inclined, one can also add skim milk to their coffee instead of whole milk. This reduces the calories that one would consume in the process.
Yet another reason for diets to fail is the person’s inconsistency. At the onset, one would workout extensively however later on, especially if they see no changes in the weighting scale, they end up frustrated and demotivated and as such would stop working out. To ensure that the weights will not come back, a healthy weight loss of a pound a week is ideal. As such, one would need several months to see visibly results. It is important that one should keep a positive attitude when they want to lose weight and keep it off permanently with .
One last thing to consider is lifestyle change. Lifestyle change is important as incorporating your diet to your meal plan ensures that you will always look and feel good. Each diet can be customized to give one the energy they need without increasing their weight. A lifestyle change is difficult for some as it involves complete commitment of the person not only to lose weight but also to live a healthier life. By committing and making a lifestyle change, one is ensured that one would stay fit and healthy.

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