Dog Food – Homemade versus Commercial


In recent times, one of the most challenging issues bringing up concern to dog owners is the proper food to feed the loyal pets. This may have rooted from the threats and scares of commercial dog foods circulating both in the internet and word of mouth. Following such trend is the rise in popularity of homemade dog food recipes. Dog owners are now under the belief that homemade dog food is safer and what should be appropriate for man’s best friend. However, despite the change in preference, new issues sprout out such as what exactly constitutes the ideal dog food menu. The quest is on for the best ingredients and preparation techniques for home made dog food recipes.
dog food
One of the main benefits of having homemade dog food is that the dog owners know the exact components or ingredients of what their pets are eating. Chances for doubts and skepticism will be lessened if not eliminated. They have the option to add healthier food items or eliminate those that to their belief are harmful or unhealthy to their dogs. However, there are conflicting ideas as to the main components of such homemade diet. There are those that advocate meat-only diet, others recommend grains and vegetables. The important issue to consider is that these suggestions have the tendency to utilize a particular ingredient.
However, these particular diet plans for the dogs are actually useful to them which have specific dietary needs due to allergies or other health-related conditions that are usually remedied by dietary modification. But in the long run, it is still the decision of the dog owner as to what is more advantageous or beneficial to their dogs as they are the ones who know them better. But most health gurus have identified that the best diet plans for pets especially dogs should be patterned to their natural diet – what they actually eat prior to their domestication. It is usually the best option and these diets are usually high in protein.
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It is necessary however, that the dog owner must see to it, when making homemade dog food, the needed vitamins and nutrients to achieve optimal health and well-being of their pets. What is suggested is actually individualize diet plans because every dog, like humans, has different food requirements and most importantly preferences. Meeting these two considerations can improve not just the appetite of our canine friends but also their overall food consumption which correspondingly has a great effect in their overall wellness.
Although, most dog owners would admit that homemade dog food is not as convenient as commercial dog food. Pre-packaged dog foods are easy to prepare, just open the can or strip the plastic bag and then pour the contents over the food bowl. Homemade dog food would necessitate actual cooking and tedious preparations of fresh and raw ingredients. However, it is really a choice between convenience and proper nutrition – two things that dog owners will have to mull over and decide which prevails for their dogs.

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