Dog Food Secrets Review – Prolong Your Dog’s Life

A dog’s overall health hinges on what he eats on a regular basis, and if you want to ensure that your loyal canine friend is getting the best possible nutrition, you’d do well to read up on this Dog Food Secrets review. Even today, most pet owners still get duped into thinking that commercial branded dog food can provide their dogs the required nutritional value. More importantly, they aren’t aware of the fact that there are harmful chemicals and additives present in regular premium dog food.
Dog food secrets review
It’s not surprising that these products still dominate the mass pet food market, considering that the companies who manufacture them are multi-million dollar enterprises that hold sway over the media. Good thing there are animal food nutrition experts like Andrew Lewis who are brave enough to separate the wheat from the chaff. With his eBook Dog Food Secrets, he discusses in great detail everything we should know when it comes to feeding our dogs the right way.

Dog Food Secrets review – Product Features

  • Discusses in detail the 6 major food sources that cover a dog’s required nutritional needs.
  • The most important grain sources essential to dog nutrition.
  • Recommended fruit snacks that are healthy and tasty.
  • Information on the right amount of calories each dog needs each day.
  • Lean proteins that can bolster a dog’s overall health.
  • Learn the 20 types of foods you shouldn’t feed your pet.
  • 55 nutritionally balanced recipes every dog will love.

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Dog-food-secrets-bookDog food secrets review

What You Get Out of Dog Food Secrets

Dog Food Secrets is so teeming with valuable information on how to properly feed your dog that it’s quite a tall order to even provide a summary of them in this Dog Food Secrets review. But if you want your dog to always be in optimum health and to live a long life, this eBook does provide you everything you need to know.
Dog Food Secrets has also created quite a ruckus in the pet owners’ community since its initial press release, and a big part of it can be attributed to the eBook’s alarming revelations about the dangers of processed pet food products. Not only are these products severely lacking in nutritional value, they also contain additives and chemicals that can be hazardous to your dog’s health. If you have any doubts as to the truth of these claims, the book does a good job stating facts and evidence that can back them up.
Dog food secrets bonuses
Some of the facts about processed pet food products mentioned in the eBook range from alarming to scary. Some dangers mentioned are the amount of sodium pentobarbital contained in some premium dog food products. It’s been stated that these products can cause problems in the kidney, stomach, bladder and the skin. Severe allergic reactions, major organ failure, chronic diarrhea, and many more health complications among dogs have been linked to being fed processed food on a regular basis.
The author of the eBook does discuss in great detail the six major food sources that provide the best nutritional value for your dog. Facts about right dieting, amount of calories required each day, food sources that contain the lean proteins needed by your dog – these are but some of the valuable tidbits that you will learn. Better yet, you’ll be given a list of nutritious recipes that dogs just can’t get enough of (the writer of this review can attest to the appeal of these recipes when it comes to feeding his dogs).
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  • This product is worth years of research.
  • The Ebook has pared everything down to the essentials and is written in a manner that’s very easy to comprehend.
  • Saves you thousands of dollars in the long run from having to limit the number of visits to the vet and saving up on the pet food products that you buy.
  • Guarantees your dog’s optimum health.
  • Comes with a handy recipe book.


  • The exposes on the harmful effects of processed food can be downright scary (not really a con for the product if you think about it).

Dog Food Secrets review – Conclusion

It is every pet owner’s responsibility to be informed about proper dog nutrition and to take steps in ensuring that their canine friends are fed the right way. A healthy dog is a happy dog – and need we say it – a happy dog makes a happy owner. The precious years you add to your dog are worth all the trouble. Thanks to Dog Food Secrets, giving your dog the proper nutrition is made even easier and this Dog Food Secrets review can’t recommend this eBook enough to pet lovers everywhere.

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