Dr Drum Beat Maker Review – Pros And Cons


Dr Drum Beat Maker review – This beat makes promises to offer quality beats at a reasonable price for enthusiasts who want to make their own mixes and music.
Dr Drum Beat Maker is a brand new product targeted towards music lovers out there. This beat makes promises to offer quality beats at a reasonable price for enthusiasts who want to make their own mixes and music. The question is – how good is the product really? Following is a comprehensive Dr Drum Beat Maker review.
Dr Drum Beats Maker Review

Dr Drum Beat Maker Review- Product Features

  • Allows music importation
  • Easy exportation to 44.1 Stereo .wav
  • Comes with 4 Octave keyboard
  • Large sound library containing pianos, saxophones, guitars and more!
  • Special effects for unique sounds
  • Easy transfer – no need for a MIDI cable
  • Users can adjust the low, high and mid aspects of the track easily

How It Works

The product works easily enough, even if you’ve never had experience when it comes to expensive beat maker software. Since the layout is simple enough, even beginners can get around the program and create the kind of music they’re hoping for. The product offers the following services for creating beats:
Access to Lots of Beats – the first thing to look forward to with this product is the abundance of beats available. Users get access to hundreds of possible beats coming from dozens of possible instruments.
Import and Export – the program allows you to import and export music to and from the program. This means that aside from using only the beats available in the software, you can also get your own recordings and add them to the program.
16 Track Sequencer – this is possibly one of the best aspects of how this program works. The 16-track sequences make it possible for users to record in .wav format using the 44.1 stereo. There’s also the perk of altering resonance, frequency and various other musical elements. From here, you can easily scan through every single sound and recreate it through the 4 octaves feature.
Video Tutorial – thanks to the videos that come with the program, users can easily learn exactly how to use the Dr Drum Beat Maker. There’s also an online group where individuals can gain access to additional information for their beat making.
One Click Manipulation – no need for complicated navigation, most of the functions with the program are achieved through one-click actions. Importing and exporting only requires a drag and drop process while others are explained in detail through the tutorial.
Dr Drums Beat Maker Review

About the Creator

Dr Drum Beat Maker is the work of some of the top programmers and beat making enthusiasts in the world. Their combined experience allows for the creation of something everyone wants in their beat makers while still keeping the program very easy for beginners.

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Dr Drum Beat Maker Review – Pros

The Dr Drum Beat Maker offers a wide array of benefits for those who use the product:

  • Incredibly easy to use, the Dr Drum Beat Maker is perfect for beginners who do not want to go through days of tutorial in order to create their own beats.
  • The product offers multiple screens when in use, therefore allowing for faster and easier editing.
  • There are also video tutorials added to the program. This makes it easier for users to learn program operation.
  • The program works for both PC and Mac so no need to worry about product compatibility.
  • The interface is pretty simple with a layout that’s easy to follow.
  • The program works with a .WAV type format – the best type if you want to be viewed as a professional. Although .MP3 is more widely used, this compressed form of music doesn’t offer quality sounds fitting a recording studio.
  • Once you get the program, you also get to access their online tutorial area which is filled with videos and tips on how to proceed.
  • The product comes with a money back guarantee so you don’t have to worry about losing money on the deal.
  • It’s a very cheap product – ideal for anyone who wants an entry-level beat making software without the cost.

Dr Drum Beat Maker Review – Cons

Although the Dr Drum Beat Maker is easy enough to understand, it’s important to note that you still need basic understanding of beat making in order to make this work.
dr drums beat maker review

Dr Drum Beat Maker Review – Conclusion

To wrap up this dr drum beat maker review, it’s safe to say that the product offers the benefits of a sophisticated beat making device without the exorbitant cost. Based on the reviews on the product combined with feedbacks from various users, it’s safe to say that Dr Drum Beat Maker Review is completely safe and highly useful software to own. It comes highly recommended to buy.
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