Home Made Dog Food Recipes


Each and every dog owner wants his dog to eat healthy and nutritious food. This is why most of them are searching for recipes online. A huge number of dogs are living in urban areas and the most comfortable way to feed a dog is by giving him prepackaged food.
Unfortunately, in most cases, this type of food is not that great; there are some health problems that strictly related to some of the products included in manufacturing dog food. Of course we cannot put all dog food producers in the same pot.
Homemade dog food
However, the main idea is that if you really love your dog and you want him to have a great healthy life, it is better to feed him homemade food. Dogs are exactly like humans, they need a balanced diet that will offer them all the necessary nutrients so that their muscles and bones can develop correctly. If they do not receive all this, their life expectancy is widely reduced and they will have a hard time recovering after an injury.
These are extremely important in a dog’s diet because it helps his development and increases his immune system. It is good to know that an excess of proteins will be transformed in fat, so we have to be careful not to over do it. A good homemade meal will provide the necessary nutrients so that his organism will remain healthy and fat-free.
If you continue on buying dog food, you must learn how to read the content label on the pack. For example the protein level written is the total amount not just the amount that is digestible; this is why quality foods have a level above 70% and lower qualities have less than 60%.
Although we humans consider all fat to be harmful, in a dos’s diet, this fat contains a lot of energy (consumed moderately) because they are extremely active. The right amount of fat will also make your dog have a good kidney function and also a healthy skin.
These are other nutrients that will offer your dog a certain amount of energy. They need a clean source of carbohydrates so that they can extract the necessary energy.
What can be the healthiest food if not the home made one. This is also the case for dog food. It is a natural thing that dogs shouldn’t eat dry food, and although it is more convenient it is not healthy; just imagine that his bowl is filled with chalk nuggets that aren’t that healthy.
Just do some research on the Internet and you will see exactly what this dry food means and you will realize that they are a potential danger for your pet’s health. It is disgusting.
Proteins in Dog Nutrition
Although we are taught that this type of food is nutritious and healthy, they honestly don’t look that way. Let me give you a tip on how a dog food secret commercial is created: they spray the food with a fat and flavor solution so that it looks appealing both to the dog in the commercial and the owner that watches the T.V and then goes out and buys it.
Some dog foods contain in a form or another sugar; a product that makes your dog addicted. The result is that we see him eating with satisfaction but in reality it only harms your pet and in the future will cause tooth decay, obesity or even diabetes.
The perfect alternative to all this is to search and find natural and organic food made with fresh products; they really exist. If you care enough, you can make your very own food for your animal. Just make a large quantity and then separate it in smaller batches witch you freeze them.
Be careful when you prepare the meal and check with your vet because they need certain amounts of meat, vegetables and vitamins to keep him healthy. If you change his diet, don’t do it all at once, take him slowly, one step at a time, by introducing a product at a time and observing if he tolerates it.
There are a huge variety of dog food recipes that can be found on the web, at your vet’s, the local pet store or the library. Once you will become used to doing all of this, you will never even think of buying dry food.
Nowadays we have seen in commercials that we mustn’t offer our dog a variety when it comes to his meals. This couldn’t be more wrong. Give him a balanced diet with vitamins, nutrients and proteins and you will extend his life.

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