How Water Can Make One Lose Weight


Do you know that not drinking enough water can contribute to the dreaded weight loss plateau that most dieters are afraid of happening to them? Studies reveal that most Americans are chronically dehydrated and you might be one of them as well. Below you would find the health benefits that water can bring to dieters such as you.
water weight loss
Water is an important part of the body and is essential in losing weight.
Water serves an important function in the body’s biochemical processes and below you would find how water affects people who wanted to lose weight.
In order for the body to process fats and convert it into energy, one need to be healthy and a mild case of dehydration can slow down the process of converting fats to energy. Once the metabolism rate slows, one feels more tired than usual and thus the body reprograms itself to store fat and reserve energy causing one to hit the weight loss plateau.
Water is a great appetite suppressant. appetite and cravings are emotions that are housed in the hypothalamus region in the brain. The control center is responsible for determining if a person is hungry or just thirsty. Since hunger and thirsty is contained in the hypothalamus, one might confuse the stimulus of thirstiness with hunger as such one would intend to eat rather than drink water. This can be an advantage as one can trick the mind by drinking water to reduce the feelings of hunger. A study conducted in Washington University reveals that drinking a glass of water at night can suppress the hunger, which prevents one from eating thus reducing their calorie intake.
Water is also an important element in the maintenance of the muscle, as the water helps maintain muscle tone. A well-maintained muscle makes one look aesthetically pleasing in the eye as well as builds the person’s confidence as well.
Water weight loss
One problem for weight watchers are the sagging skins that happened after weight loss. Drinking plenty of water helps plump the skin making one look younger and healthier without resorting to cosmetic surgeries or even using expensive skin care products.
Water is also important as it helps flushes the toxin out of the body.
With enough water in the body, one can detoxify the body and feel healthier than they were before.
Another health benefit of drinking water is that it aids in bowel movement especially for those who are constipated. When a person drinks little water, they tend to be constipated, as the water is use in other areas of the body.  With enough water in the body, one can remove their body waste without any problem.
Being dehydrated causes several health problems as well. Below are some of the problems that one might encounter if their water intake is below the recommended amount.
Feeling of light headedness and can cause daytime fatigue
More prone to hunger or cravings due to the weakening of the thirst factor
Increase fluid retention due to the fact that the body stores the water in preparation for survival
One experiences constipation as the body stores the remaining water in the body.
With the increase of water intake, one would be able to reach the “breakthrough point”. According to Dr. Peter Lindner, an obesity expert in California, when one reaches the breakthrough point, the body tends to ease the retention of fluid in the body; this causes the internal organs such as the liver and the endocrine system to work effectively. The feeling of thirst is more pronounced than the feeling of hunger. This causes the body to burn fat more effectively.
How much water should one drink?
Drinking water depends on the person and can be a case-to-case basis. However one-way to learn if one is drinking enough is to look for the urine sample. The color should be light or pale in coloring. Some supplements or vitamins can affect the color of the urine so you also have to consider this as well like .
Another way is to drink enough water and make it a habit. Do not wait for the feeling of thirstiness to overcome you before you drink water. If you feel thirsty, then dehydration is slowly setting in. So make drinking water a habit.
The recommended amount of water intake is eight glasses of water every day. These increases during hot summer days as one lose more water when one perspire or sweat. Drink also plenty of fluids when you are doing intense workout or physical activities to replenish the water that you lose.  For those who are overweight, do ensure that you add an extra glass of water for every 25lb. as the extra weight can cause problems as well.

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