How You Can turn Strangers Into Your Best Friend


Is it easy for you to strike a conversation with new people or with someone you just met?
Alternatively, the very idea or thought of striking a conversation leaves you breaking in cold sweat?If you do not feel relaxed making casual conversation with new people you have just met, it will likely be harder to produce new pals.  You might also find it hard to fit in to your new job.
turn stranger to lover
Most likely, the classic explanation that people have trouble making conversation with someone they do not know is that they put a lot of pressure on themselves.They mostly felt like they have to put their best feet forward to impress the other person. They would not be able to be at ease and talk about ordinary things or subject matters.
Here is an important lesson when one is trying to learn how to make excellent conversation with other people. When one insist on putting their best forward and have to display themselves like trophies, they will end up with no new friends at all. It would not help or improve their conversational skills as well.Haven’t you notice how when one is aware of oneself, they tend to be awkward and make themselves look the part as well. By focusing on oneself, one forgets that there is someone in front of them and thus they would make the whole conversation awkward as well.
Those new individuals who are willing to be your friend are not looking for a trophy nor are they looking for a brilliant conversation. What they are looking for is someone that they would be comfortable with and have fun as well. They are also looking for that person who will be interested on them.
To make any conversation successful, it pays to be a great listener than a great conversationalist.
You can start making a conversation by striking a topic with regards to one’s surroundings, details about the event and even the weather, which is the cliches in most topic starters.
If you want to get to know the person or are interested, you can opt to move to personal topics such as asking a bit about the person as well as offering some information or details about yourself. Look at the person you are talking to determine which topic the other person is interested in.
This can present you with new interesting areas for both of you to talk about.
It might be difficult at the start however; with constant practice, one would be able to strike a conversation with other people without being awkward. You might also want to introduce yourself to the person you are talking earlier on so that you will be able to know the person’s name and use it during the conversation if you are interested in him or her.
Confident people will readily give their name to their partner at the onset. Those who are shy or socially awkward would do the opposite. They would not give their name or at the end of the conversation. In some cases, they would not even give their name or ask the person they are talking with the latter’s name.
It is easier to ask the person’s name first before offering one’s own name. This practice can be done several times until it becomes a habit and second nature to the person. With practice, one would be able to strike a conversation without feeling intimidated.
To start talking with the other person, do simple and small talks. Most of the time, a common topic can warm up the conversation.
It is important for one to take an active role in the conversation. It is one’s responsibility to not only introduces oneself, but also to get the ball moving. If one holds back, the tendency is that most of the people in the conversation would move away and look for other people to converse with which is not a good idea especially if you are closing a business deal.
Look at the person with interest, smile and do not forget to focus your attention to your conversation partner.Remember that when you are talking with new people, just talk and let the conversation takes its course. Start practicing by talking to a small bunch of people. After several sessions, you would notice that you are now a great conversationalist.
If the conversation dries up or did not work in making them your new friend, then don’t consider or look at it as failure. Most of the time conversations with new individuals do not go a long way. However, those that stick do matter.

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