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It is always a pleasant surprise eating at a restaurant rather than at home. If your job implies a lot of traveling it means that eating at a restaurant truly becomes a necessity and not an option. Who would have ever thought that eating out can sometimes cause health problems due to the constant lack of healthy food?
The secret of eating healthy at a restaurant consists in your education and your ability to make choices. It doesn’t matter if you go out only so that you can eat something that can’t be done at home or you are simply looking for something done rapidly, you must always use your common sense when you choose the food.
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Although we always intend to eat healthy, once we start looking at a menu, it all seems to go down the drain. It sometimes helps to be reminded to stick by your healthy choices.
There are some restaurants that offer large portions and there are others that offer smaller portions, thus making it impossible to know much you will receive. Because not many of us have the willpower to leave a part of the food on the plate, it is better to order just a half portion or you should just order the appetizer and not the entrée.
Another aspect of eating healthy is that you may ask for a healthy meal, like a salad, but it can be covered with all kinds of dressings that are not exactly healthy. This is why you should ask the waiter to bring the dips and sauces on the side; making it easier for you to have a better understanding of what you are eating and how much.
Usually when you order an entree, you will also receive a side that blends perfectly with your order. This is not a healthy food and you must be careful because they tend to be fried or covered with cheese. You might decide to choose a salad as a side.
Be careful when reading the menu because not all the healthy food found in a restaurant is actually healthy. A serious example is the sushi; in general this is a really healthy food but some restaurants fill the sushi with mayonnaise or fried fish. Be careful and choose the right restaurant for you to eat in.
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Many if not all of us want to live as much as possible and as healthy as we can, but only a small few actually do something about it. It is true that the key to a long and disease free life is eating healthy food and if we fail to do so, many medical conditions might appear a point in our lives; or even premature death.
Healthy Fats
If you don’t wish to get fat, you should only consume healthy fats and only once in a while. Eating unhealthy fats or saturated such as butter, fatty meat or cheese may cause heart attacks or increased cholesterol. Try eating fresh vegetables, whole grains and fruits and if get your proteins from egg whites, nuts or turkey meat. Another aspect of a healthy meal is that you should boil or bake your food instead of frying it.
Drink Moderately if You Have To
It is best not to drink alcohol at all, but if you like drinking, please make sure you drink moderately. It increases the risk of having a medical heart problem. The more you drink the better the chances of heart problems.
Drink Plenty of Water
It is a known fact that we have to drink as much water as we can, but at least 1,8 liters per day. Although there are some studies that show the direct relation between your age, sex and health condition with the quantity of water that can be taken, try to drink as much as you can.
It helps you to control the calories; it energizes your muscles, makes the skin look amazing and keeps the bowel function to a normal level. Bringing all these benefits, it is a shame not to drink it, especially if we don’t have to make any efforts to obtain it.
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Replace Unhealthy Snacks with Healthier Ones
If you are one of those people that enjoy a good snack or two or three, you better think twice about it. If you really feel the need of eating a snack, you should try a healthy one. The best thing to do is to make a list of your favorite fruits and make them your snacks. It can be anything from mangos, pineapple, bananas, oranges… just keep away from the unhealthy snacks.
Go Big on Fruits and Vegetables
Do you remember when you were a little child and your mom kept telling you to eat your vegetables and fruits? She was right, you know. Each of them has different vitamins that will improve your immune system reducing any chances of a sickness to appear.
Remember To Exercise
You should be aware of the fact that just by eating healthy food you won’t get completely healthy. You should combine a healthy meal with a few daily exercises in order to live a full healthy life.

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