Low Carb Diet Is Real?


With so many fad diets in the market today, it is no wonder that many are frustrated and confused on what type of diet would be most effective for one to lose weight. However, one diet type seems to be catching on to fellow Americans. In fact, in a research done, it is revealed that almost 30M of Americans are into low carb diet or have tried it once or twice in their life.
Low Carb Diet
Many claimed that too much carbs can be detrimental to one’s health and in fact have caused health problems such as diabetes. On the other hand, some experts claimed that too much calorie consumption and limited physical activities contributes to obesity. On the other hand, some experts have revealed their concern regarding shortage of grains, restriction of veggies and fruits to the meal plan thus reducing the nutrients that the body needs. Such limitation would lead to several deficiencies in the body of essential nutrients such as vitamins, folic acids and fiber as well.
Any diet can start weight loss on the onset; the problem lies in keeping the weight off forever.
Do keep in mind that it is important to keep the weight loss forever and not go roller coasting on one’s weight, as it is detrimental to one’s health. With that said, here are some low carb diet myths that requires further analysis to ensure that one will not have any problem.
Low Carb Diets
One of the popular diet concerns the reduction of carbs that one eats during their meal. With the reduction of the carb in the meal plan, one would have to fill it up with other food groups, which in some diets are filled with protein and fat. Samples of these diets include Atkins and the Protein power diet where access to carbs are restricted making the body fall into ketogenic stage. Other diets are less restrictive such as the Life without Bread and Zone diet. Other diets on the other hand, such as the Sugar Buster restricts sugar and other food that increase the blood sugar level of the person.
Many research done on carb diets and its effects are done in small, controlled groups with different research objectives in mind. The research differs in terms of the length of the diet, the calorie consumption level and the carbs that participants eat. Two common things though were revealed that is all the age group falls below the age of 53 and that the studies do not last for more than 3 months. Research on older volunteers are scarce and several diets failed to take into consideration the physical level of the volunteers as well as the calorie intake which can cause discrepancies in the data being presented.
Low carb diets main objective I the use of calorie restrictions as well as the length of the diet and not merely on the reduction of the carbs that one consume. This reveals that should one want to lose weight, he or she should eat lesser calorie and spread it in a long span of time to make it effective. Although little research have been produced on the long term safety of low carb diets, there were no short term effects were seen in the volunteers and in fact, many have improved their quality of life with the diet. The positive effects of the low carbs are only off set by those who return to high fat diet.
The length of the trial period for different diets though is comparable and shows that the low carb diet might invoke ketosis. Other signs and symptoms have also been observed from test subjects such as vomiting, discomfort in the abdomen area, nausea and confusion. It was observed in the first stage of the low carb diet that many felt tired and constipated. Ketosis is a problem that most dieters have. Ketosis is characterized by a fruity odor that is quite similar to the smell of acetone of nail polish remover.
As low carb diets restrict the consumption of other food group, dropout rate for the diet is significantly higher than other diets. Some studies did not also take into consideration the possibility that test subjects might cheat on their meal plan as well as the calories that they burn during workout.
For those who are interested in trying out the low carb diet, one should consider three things.
Low Carb Diet
The three are as follows:
Study the effects of the low carb diet before undergoing one. For any weights to be lost forever, one should stick to the plan and not cheat
Little data deals with the safety of those who undergo the diet. Proceed with caution
Motivate yourself to finish the diet as more often than not dieters get tired of their diet especially those that are quite rigorous.

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