Making Use Of The Drum Beats


There are several software programs available that are able to simulate drum beats. This is especially helpful and convenient for those music producers who do not need to go to the extent of recording live drumming sessions. Aside from being costly, a lot of effort – physical effort to be specific – is entailed. It even has more creative options for the producers and it will be easier to edit and modulate.
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But before one can proceed in a serious venture with music production using drum beats, it is fundamental to first know the basics of drum beats. It is recommended to immerse oneself to listen live to actual drumming concerts. Also it would be of help to talk and learn from conversations with drummers regarding the varying styles, rhythms and techniques. This is because you will be delving into the soul of the drum beats – the reason why the drummers play and create such sounds. Ask the drummers to play you certain beats and then try to internalize and fill your mind with the music they create. In this way, you not only have seen how to drum but have comprehended the spirit behind why drumming is considered music.
Loyalty to the substance of the song
It is also suggested that one should be able to feel the song rhythm created by the drum beats. Because once you understand the song, it is easier to change, modify or improve it according to your preference. It is better to avoid changing the main rhythm of the song, only add or subtract but totality change the substance because it will ultimately transform it into another song which basically defeats the purpose entirely. People have grown accustomed to the song and changing the rhythm will more likely turn them off. But if you remain loyal to the rhythm and only add or subtract just enough to manifest your creativity there are more chances that people will appreciate your enhancements to the song. In enhancing the drum beats within a song, it would be beneficial to consider other instruments – whether adding them or reducing them to the song. They need to complement the song and not keep the listeners from appreciating the original concept of it.
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Editing songs may get a person carried away to the point of turning astray to the original music. Whatever additions, subtractions or modifications made, one must remember to keep it in harmony with the original substance of the song. Aside from listening to the tune, it is important to have your soul connect with the soul of the creators of the song to guide you in the editing process. Remember that the drum beats through cymbals and similar instruments will only serve to accentuate the song through an increase or decrease in rhythm or a softer or sharper accent to the tones.
Once the songs are edited and improved with outstanding percussion, one can then take credit for the modification. This will become your commodity, your finished product that is to be sold to the enthusiastic audience.

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