Survival Skill – Methods To Protect Your Family


Do you tend to find yourself thinking about how to protect your family? If you do, then you should definitely do some research in order to find the necessary information to help you teach your family how to get ready for natural disasters or other dangerous situations.
survival skills
If you start preparing them for natural disasters such as earthquakes, then your chances of survival will increase significantly. It is of absolute importance that all the things needed to be learned are practiced until you are able to do them in your sleep. I say this because usually people tend to enter a shock faze when a disaster occurs and a good preparation will help them cope with the situation.
A huge disaster or a risky situation will have a deep impact on your child’s development unless you provide him and your spouse with significant information so that they can deal with the situation and have a lower anxiety status. A good preparation you help you offer your family a better protection and a safer environment for your children.
Another step to a great preparation is to make sure each member of your family becomes handy with all the survival skills. Also a strategy is needed to be able to find yourselves in case you end up separated while a disaster happens; something like a gathering spot that everyone is aware of.
Never expect too much from your youngest children until they are old enough to understand why you are teaching them survival skills. They are extremely impressionable and they might think that those events will occur in a short period of time and this will make them extremely anxious and stressed.
Once they are old enough, show them some basic skills such as find their way home in case they get separated during a disaster or the quickest way to get out of the forest in case they get lost there. Another skill you need to teach them is how to find different food sources in extreme conditions.
survival skills
Also you must teach them why it is necessary to preserve their body heat and drink lots of water. You can even make this teaching a bit more fun and take them into the forest and show them how to build a shelter big enough for them. Never forget to create a survival kit for the entire family. Each member has to have a small bag-pack fitted to their needs and a bigger kit for the entire family. If your family includes newborn babies then your kit must also include diapers, formula and some cloth.
Each individual survival kit must include among other things, the following: water, blanket, food, a few tools and some items used to attract rescuer’s attention. Once your children are old enough, show them how to use each of the items in their survival kit.

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