Natural Medications for the Prevention and Treatment of Herpes


Herpes does not only give horrible sensation and look distressing, but it’s also considered an infectious disease. With this, one should have to avoid transmitting it to others. As soon as you are feeling a heat sensation or local stinging, you must take immediate action and prevent the itchiness.
Treatment Of Herpes

Treatment Of Herpes

Herpes is a condition where a blister emerges on or near the nose and lips. The common indications that you are infected by herpes include local heat, pain, rash, itching and stinging. Usually, after a day or two a blister shows up that enlarges and then blows up. This forms an ulcer that slowly is enclosed by an outer layer and then dries up. Most infections caused by herpes usually disappear within a week’s time, whether there’s a treatment or not.
Herpes is frequently caused by the virus named type 1 Herpes simplex. Herpes can be transmitted when you have a direct contact with herpes, a person’s saliva with herpes or with herpes’ fluid. Typically, no warning signs and indications of herpes appear, especially during the first infection. However, children and newborns get very sick at times.
After the first infection of herpes, two things usually happen: (1) resistance settles in against an ensuing infection or (2) the virus remains inactive in the skin until it will be activated again by a stimulator. At most times, stimulators that can reactivate the infection can be one of the following: (a) poor nutrition; (b) menstruation; (c) exposure to very low or high temperatures; (d) strong sunlight; (e) fatigue; (f) stress; and (g) flu.

Ways of Preventing Herpes Infection

A prevention of herpes is through fueling up a person’s resistance. You can do this by keeping a healthy diet, eating food rich in vitamins, doing daily exercises, and getting enough sleep. A traditional tonic for the immune system is Echinacea root remedies such as taking Echinacea tablets or tincture, as well as using the roots for tea. As what popular beliefs say: ginseng, garlic, and licorice can boost up an individual’s immune system. However, licorice is not good for hypertensive people.
Even though amino acid lysine doesn’t have any immediate results, it can protect a person from herpes. You can take in 500 mg of lysine two times a day for a couple of weeks. This can be increased through consuming food rich in this particular amino acid such as beans, eggs, meat, potatoes, milk, fish, and yogurt. Additionally, avoid food like peanuts, nuts, cereals, chocolate, and seeds.
As soon as you know that you have herpes, begin the treatment immediately.
Here are some of the useful medications to help treat herpes. Once you feel the first symptoms of the disease, then you should apply a wet teabag on the spot where the infection is. Or you can put a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or cold black coffee. Additionally, an ice cube can also be of good help.
Considered as a viral disease, herpes simplex is caused by either type 1 or type 2 Herpes simplex virus. The most common kind of herpes infection is called oral herpes. With this kind of herpes, sores tagged as cold sores or also known as fever blisters show up on any of your mouth, face or lips. This can be easily diagnosed, because of these visible sores. Luckily, it’s already possible for herpes to be treated. There are different treatments – already proven and tested – that you can try at home, especially when you find sores on your mouth, face or lips. You can try the following to help lessen the outbreak of herpes and pace up the healing treatment:
Rub a cold compress | One of the effective treatments you can do at home is rubbing an ice compress over the area(s) infected by herpes. The redness, swelling, and pain of the herpes infection can be lessened through rubbing the cold compress over the sores.
Rub a wet tea bag | Another helpful home treatment for herpes infection is rubbing a wet tea bag over the sores or ulcers caused by the infection. Generally, black tea bags have strong antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe the herpes infection. The tea bag must be soaked in warm water for a few minutes. Afterwards, the wet tea bag should be slowly rubbed over the sores caused by herpes. Additionally, a soft cotton cloth drenched in black tea can also be rubbed.

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