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There is something about eating pudding.
In fact, whenever we are eating puddings in the family, we would wax over the yesteryear Pudding not only brings back memories but it also brings comfort of home. There is nothing more tantalizing and yummy at the same time than desserts.
It is a tradition in our family to have puddings during Sunday lunch as well as during special events or occasions. We do not make one every day and as such when the family makes them no expense is spare. Our family have accumulated several pudding recipes as the tradition goes back a long time ago in my family and each one has their own favorites as well. As there are so many puddings in the recipe book and new ones to try, we would usually end up having long debates with regards to the dessert rather than what’s for the main course.
Our family have no problem with main courses, which what normal or other family usually discuss over. For us, choosing the pudding that would be serving requires time and effort. Now, we know we cannot serve them all so what pudding recipes that were not serve during one event will be served on the next one. We would often end up with three or four pudding desserts, which might sound horrific;however, there are plenty of people around and as such,there would be no more pudding left.
Two of the staple in our family is the guava fool and the choccie pudding, which comes from my mother in law. The guava fool is made of pureed guava that is mixed with some cream and condensed milk. The choccie pudding on the other hand is made of chocolate custards pored over packed of boudoir biscuits which soaks the chocolate making it velvety.
One of my favourite though is the Summer pudding, which is one of the best puddings my mom makes and still does so every time we have family lunches together. The summer pudding is made up of blackberries, redcurrants and raspberries. Here in South Africa, we have plenty of berries to use with our desserts though we often use youngberries, strawberries and mulberries together to give the pudding certain tartness to it that dark berries give.

Summer Pudding


  • One loaf of stale bread or any leftover bread
  • 1kg of different berries
  • Apples (optional)
  • Sugar

Place the berries and other fruits that you have in a pan.
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Sprinkle the sugar on top and bring to a boil. Frozen fruits are okay to use, just heat them over low heat. The sugar that you would be adding depends on how much sweeter you want the pudding and how sweet the fruit is. You want to feel the tartness with a little sweetness to it but not too sweet to make you feel sick after eating the pudding.
Cut the slice bred into thick slices and remove the crust. Place the slices on a pudding basin. Make sure that it fits but not too tightly. You can shape the bread into different shape as long as no spaces are left. Place the sweetened fruit on top of the bread and cover the top with the extra slices of bread. Place a plat or sauce on top to push the fruit to the bread and for the bread to be soaked with the fruit juice. Chill for a couple of hours. Best to leave it overnight. To serves, turn it over a plate, cut the bread and pour the extra syrup from the leftover. Add whipped cream on top before serving.
As some berries are only seasonal, we end up canning most of the harvested berries to ensure that we get our berry pudding fix whenever we want them. We would often can them and store them or freeze them for later use. Truly, this is one of the best puddings that we always want and we can have them whenever we want. For a truly adventurous pudding, do try some of the freshest or seasoned fruits. You would not only get to enjoy fruits but you would also get to enjoy a yummy dessert that you and your family would love.

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