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Here you’ll find a useful list of links to other excellent Tolkien related sites. I’ve also included links to a few non-Tolkien related sites on literature, fantasy, music, and mythology.

Happy surfing.

check out the Tolkien swicki at


Tolkien Library



The Tolkien Library is one of the finest Tolkien sites on the web. Loads of great information and breaking news, with a focus toward collecting Tolkien’s books.

The thain's book



The Thain’s Book is an excellent resource on Tolkien and Middle Earth, including an index of people, places, creatures, and things that appear in the novels.


A well-designed site with loads of great information on Tolkien and his works. Includes a sizable collection of Tolkien-related links.

A comprehensive site listing all of the British editions of Tolkien’s writings, including a chronological illustrated bibliography. Well laid-out and full of information for the Tolkien collector.


A visually impressive site with lots of free screensavers, wallpapers, forums, Tolkien news updates, and many other things. Great site.



A beautifully designed site with an active forum for discussion, games, and role-playing.



Corey Olsen is a professor of English at Washington College who teaches college-level classes on Medieval Literature and JRR Tolkien. His website offers information and downloadable lectures on Tolkien and his writings.

Anne Petty – A well-respected scholar on Tolkien & Finnish Folklore and Mythology. She has written several excellent books on Tolkien and his intimate relationship with mythology. Check them out at her site.




A fantastic online role-playing community set in Middle-earth. Includes some amazing user-created maps, hundreds of quests, and active forums. Check it out.


Ted nasmith – A wonderful artist who really captures the natural beauty and grandeur of Middle Earth. Has done a number of Tolkien Calendars and book covers. Nearly all of his artwork can be found on his site.

Anke Eissmann – An exceptional new Tolkien artist whose watercolors do a beautiful job of capturing many of the “minor” moments in Tolkien’s writing. Her artwork can be viewed at her site.

TOLKIEN MUSIC – The most complete and exhaustive list of Tolkien-related music anywhere.

TOLKIEN BOOKSELLERS has an interesting selection of rare, signed, and deluxe edition books for sale. The site also includes loads of useful information for Tolkien book collectors.

Withywindle Books – An independent online bookstore specializing in fantasy, sci-fi and horror books. Tolkien fans will note the store’s reference to the river that flows through the Old Forest near the Shire. They have a wonderful selection of new, used, and collectable books by a wide host of authors.


Another Book Fantasy Reviews – A very well laid-out site offering a variety of detailed book reviews and information on the fantasy genre. Visitors can also add their own comments to the reviewed books.

Sword Buyers Guide – A very informative site with loads of helpful information for sword buyers! Site includes a basic primer on purchasing quality blades and pages of tips and suggestions on numerous specialty swords. Check it out.

Great Science Fiction and Fantasy – An excellent site offering critical reviews of Science Fiction and Fantasy’s major authors and books. They really take a step back and evaluate the literary quality of writers that will outlast the “pulp” of the genres.




Loreena McKennit’s music is not Tolkien-related, but it is the type of music that would appeal immensely to most fans of Professor Tolkien’s books. I have been a fan of her music for many years, and still get as giddy as a schoolboy when I hear (alas, too rarely) that she is releasing a new CD.

My words can’t do justice to the beauty of her music. It is simply otherworldly. You’ll just have to go to her site and check out some of the free samples.




More music not affiliated with Tolkien, but given a shameless plug nonetheless because I love it. Nightwatch Recording is a small recording label offering music by several musicians – Owain Phyfe, The New World Renaissance Band, Cantiga, and Stefano Pando.

These artists recreate the music of medieval troubadours in an amazing variety of languages. They usually travel the circuit of Renaissance Fairs throughout the country, playing their wonderful music (and they are fabulous musicians).

I make the trip to a nearby Renaissance fair every year simply to hear Owain Phyfe and company play. Check out the free downloadable samples (as well as a list of upcoming appearances) at their website.

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