Rocket French Review 2018 Edition – Course Overview


Rocket French is great for learning French at your own pace! If you really want to learn French but don’t have the time to go to physical classes, you might be willing to work with learning the language at home. When looking for a great program, you will notice that there are a lot of great reviews on the Rocket French created by Rocket Languages.

Rocket French Review
Rocket french review

So what do you get by being a member? Let’s see…

Rocket French Review – Program Features

Interactive Audio Lessons

A lot of programs just teach you senseless conversations, which you might never use in real life. With Rocket French, learning grammar has never been this easy and fun! The program teaches grammar through useful conversations such as flirting with French!

Premium membership has more than 60 interactive lessons that you can choose to download to your PC or listening gadget, burn to a CD or play online on your PC. Each lesson is about 20 minutes in length, around the same time it takes most people to walk or drive to work.



Language and Culture Course

Students can learn a lot using the interactive audio lessons but they can also choose to go more advanced using the grammar and vocabulary lessons that come with the interactive lessons. The program is called “Language and Culture”, which is actually about grammar and vocabulary.

This feature is more of a real classroom French lesson. However, the grammar lessons aren’t presented in a dull manner but are gradually increasing in difficulty. It is also mixed with plenty of practice using conversations and puzzles in cultural topics to make it more interesting.

You can work this part of the program online or you can print the notes that accompany the lessons, in case you go away from your PC. This part of the program also comes with slow but clear audio.

The grammar part of the program teaches you the fundamentals of French using audio examples and clear explanations.

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The great thing about Rocket French is their games. Games are a great way to test students of their learning on the French language. Other programs might sell this feature separately but it is free with Rocket French.

Word-Master lets students improve their spelling and listening comprehension.
Phrase-Master lets you study spoken phrases.
MegaCards lets you test your understanding of phrases and words using a flash card style.

Voice Comparison

Most of us may be embarrassed to speak French out loud for fear that we might be unintelligible. Well, you can push that fear aside because you will now talk to your computer. This tool lets you record your voice to let you compare your pronunciation to the teacher’s. This is really effective if you have no one to talk French with.

Progress Tracker

Feedback is among the things lacking from home schooling programs. Feedback is important to students since this will let you know if they are really achieving something. Rocket French comes with a chart to track your progress.

Quizzes let you check yourself if you’ve learned anything.
You can also rate yourself according to how well you have mastered phrases in a given lesson, which is also great for tracking which lessons you still need to improve.

Strong Points

  • Lets you speak and understand French using real-life situations.
  • Suitable for all types of learning styles. Effective for visual learners, learning by immersion, games or listening.
  • Amusing life situations.
  • You can listen to audio lessons on your mp3 player or iPod. You can also choose to burn them into a CD so that you can play the lessons in your car.
  • User-friendly and appealing to learners. There is no dull moment with Rocket French, which sometimes use cartoons for a good laugh.
  • Works on MAC and PC and can also be used in tablets.
  • Sixty-day money back guarantee.

Any Weak Links?

Can only be accessed online. Although you can also get 20 CDs worth of all the lessons, it is more expensive than online lessons. There is free worldwide shipping though.

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Rocket French Review – Final Verdict

Rocket French is the most comprehensive French program out there. It can be used by learners of various levels of knowledge in French. Since it has everything you need to learn French, you don’t have to look for extra tools to let you practice your French language.

Since the program focuses on grammar and real-life applications with lessons in listening and comprehension, you will surely become fluent at French in a few months. It comes with plenty of tools to keep you learning for an ample amount of time. It is also interesting enough for older kids, especially their games. Using the Rocket French will definitely let you learn French in a reasonable length of time (depending on how much effort you put in) with just a reasonable price. Skip reading Rocket French Review and access Premium Course now!

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