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There are lots of Rocket Piano review articles out in the market today, each one of them praising this product for its many features, but are any of them true? Rocket Piano isn’t exactly a brand new addition to the many musical products today, but it is definitely worth looking into due to its promising concept. If you’re currently looking for an inexpensive way to learn to play the piano, here’s a breakdown of this particular item.
According to many Rocket Piano review articles, the product is a comprehensive title that helps turn complete beginners into good players. It’s packed with several features that target everything piano players might need to know to play an impressive tune. It starts off with the eBook, providing the most basic information you might need before pursuing advanced lessons. Although containing different crucial items, there are several elements of Rocket Piano that are worth mentioning.

  • The Jayde Musica Pro lets you start from scratch by teaching you how to read music. This lets beginners become more acquainted with the different musical notes and how to incorporate them in their music.
  • After the Jayde Musica Pro is the KeyCellerator which is basically the advanced version of the former. It picks up from where the Jayde Musica Pro ends by providing students with better playing skills.
  • The Chordinator is additional software that focuses on teaching the different chords. This one’s available for a limited time so it’s best to get the product ASAP.
  • There’s also the Perfect your Pitch Pro which delves into how to get the right tune with just your ears. It’s a highly valued skill in music and definitely a must-learn for piano players or anyone who owns musical instruments.
  • Lastly, there’s the access to SongPond which offers access to thousands of music pieces coming from different artists. It’s a 30-day limited access only so that’s disappointing.
  • Lastly, individuals get dozens of tracks and jams that they can practice on while going through the product.

Rocket Piano Review – Features

  • eBooks with information for beginners and advanced students (eBooks also come in audio format)
  • video lessons
  • jam tracks and quizzes
  • jazz piano book
  • Rocket Piano metronome
  • spiritual and hymn books
  • Jayde Musica Pro
  • KeyCellerator
  • Chordinations
  • Perfect your Pitch Pro
  • Advanced Learning Techniques for Piano bonus eBook
  • Limited access to SongPond

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Creator Spotlight

Not much has been written about the creator of the Rocket Piano software. However, the software itself is pretty impressive. The system is basic yet comprehensive which makes it perfect for children. They can easily master the program and learn the kind of lessons you want them to learn. Adults will have no problem navigating the software especially if they have rudimentary computer skills.

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Rocket Piano Review – Pros and Cons of the Product

The best thing about this product is that it was designed with beginner piano players in mind. Most piano self-teaching items assume that the reader already knows the basics like how to read notes. However, the Rocket Piano is more considerate than that as it allows anyone to start from scratch. There is also a money-back guarantee which is definitely a good thing if you find yourself disappointed with the results. So far however, Rocket Piano has garnered generally favorable reviews.
Although very helpful, the extensive array of items that come with each package can cause confusion, especially among beginners. There’s so much information provided that beginners may feel unsure of where to start. Should you read the eBooks or start learning the notes? Fortunately, the Rocket Piano gives you concise instructions on where and how to get started.
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Support System

So far, most of the Rocket Piano review articles have been positive. Some users were deeply impressed by the comprehensiveness of the guide. There is also an excellent customer support system which immediately answers any questions users might have about the product.

The Price

According to this review ,the current price for the program is $39.95 although there are discounts offered making it much more affordable. Some may say that the price is steep; however, prices for private tutoring can cost about ten dollars per hour and up. If one is paying for a once a week session, one would have to pay forty dollars a week. A paper version would cost about two hundred dollars for musical lessons that are also available online.

Buyer Feedback

So far, most of the Rocket Piano review articles have been positive. Many people are deeply impressed by the comprehensiveness of the guide.

Rocket Piano Review – Conclusion

After reading lots of Rocket Piano review material and checking out the product, it’s safe to say that this item is a good investment for aspiring piano players. Parents who want to teach their kids the basics of the instrument will find this the most cost-effective method to do so. If you’re currently in search of a way to get your kids interested in music, this Rocket Piano review will tell you there is no other option worth buying!
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