Solar Powered Homes


There is a growing number of households today who are thinking transferring to more affordable alternative for their energy consumption. One of these probable alternatives is solar energy. In fact, there are a great number of households across the world that is now employing the use of solar energy for their energy needs. But how does solar energy work?
Energy derived from the sun is in abundance on Earth even in portions that do not acquire a lot of sunlight. Solar energy is basically in the forms of heat and light. The earth actually acquires more energy from the sun in one hour than the entire population can use for an entire year. Thus, with such clean and renewable energy available as it is continually being provided by the sun daily, it is not a worthless effort to try finding out a way to harness it and use it more efficiently.

There actually two classifications of solar energy that can be utilized by households and industries alike. First is the active solar energy which is used through the use of the solar panels that contain photo-voltaic cells. These photo-voltaic cells are connected with each other that will in effect produce electricity. The electrical output that will be generated will depend on certain factors and one of these is the number of photo-voltaic cells linked in the panel and as well as the actual number of panels used. The solar energy comes in direct current instead of its counterpart- the alternating current. Thus, in order to utilize the energy, one must procure an inverter to convert the sun’s energy into usable alternating current electricity. Another way is to convert all electrical demands of the household into direct current power.
Active solar power also uses thermal energy from the sun to facilitate water heating in the home. There are certain equipment that circulate and pump the water to maintain its warmth. Solar power can heat the water to up to sixty degrees or more. Using solar power this way can substantially bring down water heating bills and can be used in harmony with solar electricity.
solar power
The other form of solar energy is passive solar energy. This cultivates the power of the sun without the need for mechanical devices. Its principle is akin to when a person goes out on a sunny day and is subsequently feels the warmth of the sun’s rays. The sun is heating the home in the same manner. A passive solar home needs to have windows that faces the southern direction and has building materials that absorbs the sun’s rays in order to distribute the heat into the home effectively. Passive solar power can also be utilized to heat water in the home.
Solar energy then, with its two types, is a great and efficient alternative to powering up the home. There are many residential units that are utilizing solar energy worldwide using either customized or build-your own solar power systems or those what they call DIY solar power kits.

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