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My love for Tolkien’s books springs from a lifelong love of books and literature. I collect books and read constantly from a broad variety of subjects and genres.

I’ve included here a list of Reading Suggestions for Tolkien Lovers. Like all book lovers, I enjoy sharing the wonderful books that I have read with others readers and bibliophiles. There are so many books to choose from, and life is too short to waste on badly written books (and there are many of them out there).

One of the most common questions I encounter from other Tolkien fans is: What else should I read?

As a fan of Tolkien’s works, you probably have a decided taste for epic literature, as well as a love for the fantastic.

Fantasy has become a popular and crowded genre in recent years, some of which is decidedly mediocre and unoriginal. And having already read Tolkien, everything else is likely to disappoint, right?

Not entirely. There is very little available to match Tolkien’s depth and style, but there are some excellent writers in the field.

And one mistake readers of Tolkien make is to limit themselves to the genre of Fantasy. There are great books in many genres, and one should never neglect the Classics.

I’ve split these suggestions into several pages, sorted by genre to keep things organized. I’ve given some fairly detailed reviews of each book (or series of books), including its perceived strengths and weaknesses.

These suggestions reflect my opinions and tastes only. These are books that I have enjoyed, and are not necessarily those all Tolkien lovers will enjoy.

I look for originality, writing style, literary value, and entertainment. I avoid obvious and unoriginal Tolkien spinoffs, such as the multi-author created worlds of Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms.

I attempted to read these at one point and grew very bored with their entirely cliché, run-of-the-mill plots and characters. Fantasy authors need not rely upon entirely original ideas to write a successful novel or create a successful world, but I am of the opinion that the plot and characters need individual flavor and style.

That does not mean that there is no value in these novels, or that the average reader might not enjoy them. Certainly there are many that love them and could persuasively argue their virtues. I, however, did not care for them, and find there to be a nearly infinite number of better options.

My taste in genre-based literature tends toward the historical…I have always had a fascination with history – particularly with medieval and Renaissance European history – and so I have devoted an entire page of suggestions to historical fiction.

Click on any of the links below to see a list of suggestions and reviews for each particular genre.

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