Teaching Your Family The Basics Of Survival


There are a variety of threats that can harm your family’s well being. Starting with natural disasters such as tornados, ice snow and floods and continuing with man made disasters such as pandemics, terrorism attacks; your family must be prepared to face them all. Creating a survival kit that contains different items such as supplies, water and tools will give you a chance of surviving a disaster.
Your survival kit must last you at least 72 hours so you have to do a little bit of research and find out what are the possible threats in your regain are and then prepare accordingly; it is best to include some hygiene products and medication. Let me give you an example so you know what to expect. When the power went out in our town, we had to turn to our survival kit. Unfortunately I never thought of buying some hygiene products for women and pet food. Imagine my wife’s attitude when seeing which products were missing. The problem when the power goes out is that all the stores are closed and you can’t get an extra supply.
In order to have a complete survival kit you must take a few minutes and think about the things you use on a daily basis; these items you will need to have in your kit. Thinking ahead allows you to create the perfect kit without leaving anything else behind.
When you start preparing the survival food, do some research to learn how to maintain it for a longer period of time; canned food may last for an entire year and that is why every six months check your cans so you can replace the ones that are on the edge of being expired. An option is to donate them so you can receive a tax credit. Make sure you create a great rotation system for all your stored products. For example, when I buy a fresh bag of coffee, I take it in the basement and replace it with the older one that will end up being consumed upstairs.
Another important piece of advice is to make sure that no light coming from the sun will reach the place where the food is stored and the containers are sealed correctly. It’s not a good thing when you open a bag of flour and see the bugs coming out of it.
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It may take some time, but following these steps I managed to put together a survival kit that can always offer me fresh products. Although there are so many information sources on the Internet, I hope that this article has helped you give it some serious thought on preparing for yourself and your family a complete survival kit.
It is impossible to mention in an article all the survival tips I use, but in order to be of even more help, I have created a website in which even more information will be given to you regarding the different stages of preparation and assembly of a survival kit.

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