What Do Water Have To Do With Weight Loss


What does water have to do with one losing weight? A lot actually.
Research studies have shown that the human brain cannot distinguish between hunger and thirst. As such, there would be times when you might feel hungry when in fact you are just plain thirsty. However, most of us would rather eat than drink water causing one to add to one’s calorie intake for the day. Food, whatever type it is contained calories, whereas water has zero calories.
water weight loss
Have you ever have the experience of waking in the middle of the night and craving for some snacks. Well, if you do, then try this simple trick. Drink a glass of water. 9 out of 10 times, that would satisfy your craving.
The body comprises of almost 75% of water and every tissue, cells, muscles and even blood contains some percent of water. When the stimulus reaches the brain, the brain thought that the body needs nourishment though in truth it needs water. The body works better if it is hydrated, as all of the cells will be able to function smoothly.
The problem of gaining weight by some are often attributed to drinking fluids. However, this depends on the fluid that one takes or drinks. More often than not, the hidden culprits are the type of liquid that one drinks. Sodas can cause added pounds as well as fruit juices with sweeteners. The real masterminds though are those so-called low fat drinks or zero sugar drinks that have artificial sweeteners.
Have it ever occurred to you that artificial sweeteners could cause one to gain weight.
Some health research shows that artificial sweeteners can contribute to a person’s weight gain in two ways.
The first is the confusion factor which happens when the brain becomes confuse with the amount of calorie that a certain food or in this case, drink has. As one assumed that the drink with the artificial sweetener has low calories, it is perfectly safe to take a bite of a dinner roll. The truth is the body of human beings can gauge how much calorie food has based on the taste of the food.
This particular basis has its roots from early childhood where kids developed their sweet tooth. Should parents use artificial sweeteners with their kids at an early stage, these kids would eat more sweet foods in the future.
Another is when one is caught in a sugar trap, which happens when the body’s stimulus are prepared to receive a particular food type in the body. When the food is being artificially sweetened, the stimulus becomes confused and would send different signals to the brain asking for additional sweets or food. The signals would often be mixed as well which is the reason why some gets confused in the process.
water weight loss
This is the reason why many feel that they are not hungry, would consume huge amounts of food until they have satisfied the feeling and often binge or overeat in the process. Some would eat healthy food such as salads but end up destroying the healthiness by adding heaps of dressings and having dessert afterwards.
Artificial sweeteners are sweeter than the regular table sugar and that is the reason why it would only take half its amount to sweeten a coffee or a drink as compared to taking in a tbsp. of regular sugar. However, some researches reveal that sweeteners can be addicting which brings us to one of the most addictive drugs here – Caffeine.
Many dieters who drink plenty of fluid have it in variety of ways including teas, coffee and sodas. These fluid or drink type contains caffeine and caffeine, as we know it is a diuretic – it dehydrates a person causing the loss of water in the body. If the body becomes dehydrated, one’s metabolism slows down and thus one feels lethargic.  The body will also store fats in preparation of going to survival mode with that said, one would definitely not lose weight in the process.  For those who wanted to lose weight, drink plenty of water. As we said, the brain cannot distinguish between hunger and thirst as such, one can drink water as most of the time, and one is only thirsty and not hungry at all.

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